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Rachel Shalit - Holistic Body oriented Psychotherapist

​Welcome to the website of Rachel Shalit.

I am a holistic body-oriented psychotherapist, working at a private clinic in Israel.


A member of the Post-Graduate Relational Body Psychotherapy Training Programme, headed by Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar and Shinar Pinkes, together with Elad Hadad and Shai Epstein.​

I am also a board member of the Israeli Association for Body Psychotherapy (ILABP) and the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP), acting as the Israeli delegate at the European National Associations' Council.


My therapeutic approach is results-oriented, aiming for one’s growth and self-fulfillment.
At my work I integrate a few methods: body-oriented psychotherapy, psycho dynamic, relational as well as spiritual practices.

I specialize in self-esteem, stress management, holistic-health, mindfulness and spiritual growth, as well as parenting awareness.

My thesis, about “The efficiency of Psychotherapy involving Altered-States-of-Consciousness”, won the first prize of Students Thesis Contest by EABP and a paper of mine has been published at the International Body-Psychotherapy Journal.

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